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is the key to unlocking the professional opportunities you deserve

Get the framework and access to a MINI TRAINING where I’ll TEACH you EXACTLY how to use storytelling to become unforgettable in professional settings

Left events or interviews feeling like you didn't communicate your value?

Experienced anxiety because you don’t know what to say? 

Started rambling or lost your train of thought?

Worried about sounding boastful or arrogant?

When it comes to talking about yourself in professional settings, have you ever:

You’re not alone.
70% of women would rather minimize their success than talk about it.
It’s time to change that. 

You’re not alone.

70% of women would rather minimize their success than talk about it.

It’s time to change that. 

I’m on a mission to help you talk about yourself strategically and confidently. 

Stand Out with Strategic 

This is your first step towards confidently and strategically telling professional stories that get you the jobs, promotions, and opportunities you've been dreaming about. You’ll get a comprehensive worksheet and access to a video where I’ll walk you through making a plan to self-promote using storytelling including examples from my clients who have used the framework to land their dream jobs and build out their networks intentionally.



Real world examples of how women who have worked with me have used this system successfully.

The conversational framework for telling an impactful story that's used by acclaimed storytellers including Brené Brown, Steve Jobs and Maya Angelou.

The strategic storytelling system & how to use it to lead conversations.

Why storytelling is a powerful tool when it comes to making meaningful connections & standing out.

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I'm tired of seeing amazing women passed over for the jobs, promotions, and opportunities they deserve. 

The root cause of this is often a lack of self-promotion. You work hard - you come in early, you stay late and you volunteer to take on extra projects. Then you wait and hope your hard work will be recognized. Unfortunately, hope is not a strategy. Trust me, I've been there and done that and it got me nowhere.  

Then, I changed my approach and started focusing on strategic self-promotion. At the time, I was working at a local TV station and I had a goal to get a job in a bigger market. I started sharing my experience and goals using strategic storytelling and I secured a position as a national morning show ​anchor. After reaching ​that milestone, I used the same approach to pivot to a career in tech where I ​doubled my salary in less than two years.

During my time in corporate at companies including Slack and Salesforce, strategic storytelling helped me to close deals and to be recognized with a trip to Salesforce's Peak Performers Club in Hawaii. In 2023, I set a goal to speak at more conferences and events on behalf of Salesforce and I used strategic storytelling to reach that goal as well. 

I'm passionate about empowering women like you with these same skills so we can all get the opportunities and recognition we deserve.

Storytelling expert, keynote speaker & your story architect 

Hi, I'm Priya Sam

Consider me your story architect.